Niche search marketing

Connecting customers with business by employing natural behaviour to satisfy both.

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About us

Search Niche UK is a pioneer of niche search marketing. We build business where previously there was none, and create new revenue sources using simple, transparent interfaces which reward natural behaviour and drive highly motivated customers to our business partners.

Sometimes small really is beautiful!

The marriage of focusing on specific niche markets and sites which visitors instinctively know how to use delivers fantastic rates of return for our business partners. Our visitors are ready to buy, but still searching for the right product at the right price, and we help put our business partners' products on offer to them.

Our Methodology

We have developed a method of providing niche search marketing based on service, simplicity and partnership, firmly grounded by an ethical code.

Niche Design

Simple, responsively designed sites, which work on any device, mean that visitors can get on with doing what they came for, without downloads or delays.

Niche Search

Publishing bespoke products to suit the niche, while using the natural behaviour of each site to drive custom, ensures that the focus is firmly on the search.

Niche targets

Lazer-like focus on the niche market makes it easier to concentrate on attracting truly motivated users. Unmotivated visitors don't interact, but motivated users do.

Niche Partners

Partner companies can be confident that visitors from a Search Niche UK site are genuine, motivated buyers, maximising ROI and building trust.

Example sites

Search Niche UK aquires UK search-related domain properties and develops suitable search marketing solutions for them. Here are examples of our current niche properties.

jSearch UK
Search Names
Parking Search UK
Search Toys UK
Search Books
Airport Search
Search Films
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